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What a time to live! No more handwritten lists and leaders. There is no heavy event planner around or fuss with typewriters. This is the digital age and we can do more work in less time without getting up from the chair. So, in this article we are going to cover best productivity Apps.

alt="Best Productivity Apps"


Todist is a simple task manager and to-do list app for organizing your everyday tasks. It provides you with a daily overview of what you need to achieve and the ease with which you prioritize your tasks. It also visualizes your daily and weekly achievements so that you can see how you are progressing towards your goal. This is great for building habits and gaining control of your time.


alt="Best Productivity Apps"


If you’ve never used the tool before, this is a communication app that winds up collaboration. Email is great for many things, but it can be cumbersome when interacting with colleagues. It is very easy for messages to get lost, or buried under a mountain of other emails. With Slack, all your office communications are neatly organized and discoverable. Different channels can be created for different projects, departments and customers; And team members can interact as needed. Meaning that they will not receive notifications about conversations in which they are not involved. But Slack is more than just an email option. You can also share documents, video chats and GIFs inside the application. To truly increase productivity, integrate your other devices such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce and CloudApp.


alt="Best Productivity Apps"

Toggl Track

Toggle Tracks is a free time tracking app available for desktop and mobile that creates a picture to keep tabs on your time. You can start, stop and log time and tasks on your mobile phone or desktop with data syncing between two platforms, allowing you to easily record the hours spent on projects or tasks. Included tools help you organize, bulk edit, or tag entries for easy auditing and reporting, with the ability to import or export data in PDF or CSR formats. Premium subscriptions include features such as locking time entry, reminders, rounding rules for billable time, as well as project and team management tools.



As a popular note’s organizer and planner app, Evernote is a favourite for taking notes and organizing all your ideas in one place. The application allows you to capture notes not only with writing, but also with photos, audio, digital sketches, PDFs, and more – and all of them can be instantly searched. In addition, you can sync all your notes on different devices in an easy way, so that it will all work. There are excellent organization features, cross-device syncing, collaboration features and more. There is nothing wrong with that. However, you pay for all those features.


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