to gain precise knowledge about movie making and how acting plays an important role in the success of a film. Web series are much preferred than movies today and there are lakhs and lakhs of series releasing online.

With the implementation of COVID-19 lockdown, most of us were asked to stay home and work. As the work from home scenario appears to be extremely flexible, we got even more time to watch new series sitting at home. Web series became one of the biggest sources of entertainment for us and we chose to stay home and started binge watching amazing web series that were released online.

Watching web series alone or with your family and friends can be one of the best plans ever. An online series can teach you many things, educate you, inform you about various faces of the world and also entertain you to the fullest.

Below mentioned are some of the best apps where you can watch all the web series that are available online.


Vudu is a great web series streaming app. This app is restricted to the USA only. People who wish to use this app to watch movies may rely on ExpressVPN in order to create a free account and can use this service. It is applicable for both android as well as iOS. The procedure to log in to Vudu account is effortless and won’t require too much of work.

Amazon Prime Video

This is one of the leading e-commerce platforms which streams the latest web series as well as movies. We can make use of this platform with the help of membership which is pretty affordable as well.

All you need to do is download the app and activate it with the plan subscription and then you are all set to watch your favourite web series and movies online.


This online video streaming platform is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited who also owns Star India Private Limited. This platform offers more than 1,00,000 hours of TV content and streams various web series as well. It also streams movies across nine plus languages. Disney+Hotstar delivers a great experience with high evolved video streaming technology.


This video streaming online platform was found in 1997 and Netflix has evolved to be the best OTT platform available online if you want to binge watch your favourite web series and TV shows. It is a fully paid platform and you can find both Bollywood as well as Hollywood contents on this online platform. Netflix works too smoothly and you can have your popcorn and enjoy watching your shows for a long time.

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